A Decentralized

The Battle Has Begun

The "Centralized Experiment" of the past thousand years has not worked! Every year takes a BIGGER toll on the future of our existence. Whether it's first-world problems or the nearly 3 billion people who still don't have any personal or financial identity – the system is broken.

That's why we believe in a decentralized future and that BLOCKCHAIN is the answer. 

Since you're reading this, you already know – the future we're working for isn't about anti-government or chaos. It's about control without control. If you're committed to making a difference, we invite you to join fellow world beaters as we use the power of innovation and technology to take action and save the world. The future depends on us.

The challenge is BIG, but it's simple to get involved in our community, education, and advocacy initiatives. Become a backer of blockchain today by staking your ADA with the Back The Blockchain Staking Pool.

Back The Blockchain Worldwide

We believe funding pro-crypto politics is a key milestone for the next chapter of crypto to thrive. That's why 50% of our stake pool operator fees are used to fund community growth, educational content and political advocacy initiatives. By delegating, you’re contributing to necessary blockchain education, policies, projects, and leadership needed to make an impact today, and pave the way for a bigger, better future using blockchain technology.

The Formula For Success

We all knew crypto regulation was coming, but most people weren't that worried. In fact, some people were probably a little relieved.

Plus, blockchain (by design) makes regulatory arbitrage easy. Doesn’t it?

Well, that’s true to a point, but...

  • What happens when one massive piece of sweeping legislation bans or completely reforms our ecosystem?
  • What happens when government representatives that claim they know “what’s best for us” pass laws behind closed doors?
  • What happens when multiple pieces of legislation and tighter regulation multiply across various governments?

At the minimum, it becomes more challenging to use crypto on-and-off ramps. Or, maybe we can’t fully benefit from Defi.

The more likely scenario, though, is it will slow down innovation and siphon off the mass adoption needed to make everyone’s lives better with blockchain.

Our vision and mission are to build a decentralized future. The obvious way to accomplish this goal is to leave the “old ways” of doing money and equal opportunity in the rear-view mirror.

The answer, in our opinion, is more complex and counterintuitive. We believe the best (and fastest) way to win with blockchain adoption is not about cutting away, or reinventing the wheel. It’s about making the systems better. It’s about leaning into them. Even when we don’t want to!

In short, we believe the WAY to do it is with a strong balance of blockchain technology, traditional finance systems, and government support through pro-crypto politics. This balance isn’t sexy. It requires getting into the trenches, but it’s the only way to WIN – so we’re all in.

We invite you to join us.


Connect with other blockchain backers online and in-person who share and live by similar values. Our Discord server and Back The Blockchain events are just a few of the ways we come together. We're the destination to support "real world" blockchain projects, to get early access to innovative projects, products, and show off mission-driven merch.


Education today is the reality of tomorrow. As American President Abraham Lincoln famously said, "The philosophy of the school room in one generation will be the philosophy of government in the next." Our goal is to educate everyone on the benefits of blockchain, not just blockchain early-adopters and crypto enthusiasts. This lofty goal is the only way we can make tangible, sustainable and long term change. 


Are you a crypto crusader, ready to carry the Cardano flag into battle with us? Great! But we need a plan because the war of words and views doesn't solve problems, or move the needle. If we don't turn our passion into representation, it's just a lot of hot air and social media noise. 

That's where we come in. Together we bring a voice to blockchain projects, politis, and policies. Backing blockchain initiatives that focus on real world solutions like personal identity, financial freedom, equal opportunity, education, voting and government affairs are just a few items on our agenda.


Changing the World, One Block at a Time

Back The Blockchain's mission is bold and straightforward, to support decentralization through “real world” blockchain adoption, which we believe are the vehicles to economic opportunity and inclusion for everyone.

We have identified two critical areas needed to accomplish our goals:

1) Create and evangelize educational-based blockchain content that educates and motivates people (especially those outside not considered blockchain OG’s, early adopters, and crypto enthusiasts) to get involved in the movement.

2) Identify and support blockchain projects, policies and pro-crypto politicians that make a tangible, sustainable, and long-term impact to our industry.

The one-of-a-kind, Back The Blockchain Staking Pool, uses the power of our stake pool rewards, educational-based media platforms, and proprietary systems to make a tangible impact today and a broader societal change for future generations.

Back The Blockchain Pledge

We pledge to follow the core values outlined by Cardano and the Input Output Global community.


Minting Blocks for

the Cardano Blockchain


Our formula for delivering maximum rewards to our delegator community is simple and sound. Build a system centered around the right people, process and performance. Our team consists of passionate entrepreneurs and seasoned systems engineers.

We have experience working with start-up companies to multi-million dollar projects with Fortune 100 companies and government systems, so you're in good hands.


As a network partner committed to decentralization, we are guided by Security, Reliability, Redundancy, Stability and Scalability. For this reason we run a dedicated server in a data center with multiple relays to avoid DDoS attacks and ensure 24/7/365 uptime.

We update our Cardano node software as new releases come out so we never miss minting a  block.

We aim to lower our carbon footprint by reducing electricity costs, and limiting hardware waste by reusing, refurbishing, remanufacturing, and recycling instead of creating waste.


We are hosted in a data center in the UK and run a series of hosts for resiliency and security. We're online 24/7/365.

- 4 x vCPU @ Intel Xeon X5675

- 3.07GHz per node
- 20GB RAM per node
- 100GB Disk SSD per node

- RAID10

- Enterprise level security

- Zabbix and RT View

Operating System:
- Ubuntu 20.04 LTS

Cardano will be valuable based upon hard work, real world use and the utility of the platform. I'm not here to make day traders rich. I'm here to change the world.

Charles hoskinson


High Rewards for Backing The Blockchain [BACK]

POOL ID: pool1xmn8ag7jctcpdqk9jtrzk9s7qgs4f3cehkxhtelgpag6c7fjxdm 


  • Back The Blockchain Alliance Membership
  • Official "Back The Blockchain" T-Shirt
  • Airdrop Cardano Ecosystem Tokens like $MIN and $PIGY.
  • Decentralized Deals: Giveaways, Discounts, Perks and Merch from BACK partner projects and NFT drops.
  • Exclusive Content (Blog, Interviews, Reviews, Investment Insights)
  • Beta testing new blockchain projects

Please follow the three steps below to complete the staking process and join our rewarding community.

01 - Buy ADA

Buy ADA on an exchange like Kraken, Binance or Coinbase.

02 - Hold ADA

Add ADA to an approved wallet, Daedalus (desktop) or Yoroi (browser/mobile).

03 - Stake ADA

In your wallet select Back The Blockchain Stake Pool (Ticker: BACK). Delegate, and start earning rewards every 5 days.

Back The Blockchain supports the technology and projects that are decentralizing and democratizing innovation itself.



The Cardano Crusade

Hi, I'm  Travis M. John

I'm a crypto crusader, creator of the Back The Blockchain Alliance and enthusiastic Cardano stake pool pioneer.

After being introduced to Cardano by a friend, I quickly fell in love with the mission. As a lifelong entrepreneur, I have enjoyed my share of rewarding ventures... and failures. I wouldn't change a thing because I've always been involved in mission-driven movements. But sadly, many times I was unsure if I was really making a difference. With Cardano, I know 100% that I'm making a contribution to changing the world. I'm honored and excited to be working so many other like-minded and mission-driven people!

P.S. Even though most people would describe me as a nice guy, I have the unique ability to turn green and go Incredible Hulk on anyone who messes with the Cardano ecosystem :)

about cardano stake pool owner operator

Travis John with Lou Ferrigno aka the original Incredible Hulk


Why should I delegate to a stake pool?

ADA HODLers believe Cardano's blockchain technologies will solve many real life problems across the world. That's why "Never Sell ADA" is a recurring motto in the Cardano community. If you feel the same, joining a stake pool is a no-brainer way to earn more ADA every 5 days. And because staking is not mining, it's quick and easy. The only prerequisite is setting up an official Cardano wallet (either Daedalus or Yoroi).

Staking Helps Make The World Better.

Another important reason to stake your ADA is because it helps make the world better. Many stake pools have a mission and higher purpose than just making money. In addition to being advocates of decentralization, pool operators also contribute a portion of their rewards earned to support charitable causes and business initiatives. That's why it's not just important to stake your ADA for rewards, but to also find a pool that aligns with your views of making the world a better place. The Back The Blockchain stake pool is a mission-driven pool. We contribute 25% of pool earnings to Cardano business projects selected by our delegators.

What happens to my ADA when I delegate to a stake pool?

ADA never leaves your wallet, so the process of delegating/staking is 100% risk-free and safe. In addition, delegating to a stake pool doesn't limit your use of ADA in any way. You're still free to spend it, sell it or stop delegating at anytime. Of course, if you remove it from delegation, you will no longer earn rewards.

How much ADA can I stake?

There are no minimum or maximum amount of ADA needed to benefit from staking. Regardless of the amount of ADA you have, we can accommodate you. The rewards you earn are calculated per epoch (every 5 days), and are proportional to the amount of ADA you have delegated.

How long do I have to delegate my ADA?

There are no minimum/maximum delegation time frames. You can stake and un-stake your ADA anytime in your wallet with a few clicks. The rewards you earn are calculated per epoch (every 5 days), and are proportional to the amount of ADA you have delegated.

How do I delegate my ADA to another stake pool?

If you would like to switch stake pools, this can de done in your official Daedalus or Yoroi wallets by selecting a new stake pool. It's that easy. Keep in mind that your change doesn't take effect during the current epoch. The change takes effect in the next epoch (5 day period.)